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Related article: been brought home as pets. Whether they will stand our climate is doubtful. One of the commonest of birds is the korhaan, or lesser bustard. They are about the size of a black- cock, but have the wings of a crow. They make a curious harsh noise when disturbed ; taking short flights they are easy to shoot. They go about singly or in pairs. Their flesh is dark in colour, and tastes rather like black-game. With judicious hanging no doubt they might be very good eating, I90I.] SPORT WITH THE ARMY IN SOUTH AFRICA. 281 but otherwise they are rather tough, which is the failing of all animal food in Rogaine Minoxidil South Africa. The ordinary grey plover and ducks, where there is Female Rogaine any water, are fairly numerous. The finest bird in South Africa is the ostrich. They Hair Loss Rogaine are chiefly kept on the Karoo, that desolate tract of country in the north of Cape Colony, where the soil is suitable for them. As far as I could see, they are the only creatures possessed of digestions strong enough to find a living off the stunted heath which takes the place of grass in this district. Often in the dim light of early morning, or in the gloaming, they have been mistaken for men. It was a Purchase Rogaine Online common sight to Rogaine Or Regaine see an old cock ostrich walking about among our camps or bivouacs, picking up odds and ends in the most im- partial spirit. It is a mistaken idea to think that you can buy their feathers cheaply. You may be able to do so if you are in the wholesale line, but I have heard as much as eight shillings asked for a good feather. I fancy a Order Rogaine Online few birds may have shed their plumes in an unorthodox way during the last year, as an ostrich Rogaine For Men feather forms the distinctive badge of some corps, and it is a tempting sight to see several pounds' worth of feathers standing before you waiting to be plucked. Of creeping beasts and other unpleasant creatures, nothing was so bad as the common house-fly. Mosquitoes were rarely seen ; they are said to Rogaine Men spread malaria. I think flies spread enteric. When a camp had been for some time Minoxidil Rogaine in the same place, during the summer months, flies innumerable ap- peared. You had to struggle with them for your very food. Along the beaten tracks, in the path of troops, there they were again, and as you came on a frequented road you became Rogaine Online covered with flies. If at dusk you had forgotten to drive them out of your Rogaine For Woman tent, they prevented you sleeping after day- break, if you wished Rogaine Tablets to. They prevented you having a doze dur- ing the day, and they crept about over you at night. Undoubtedly > the common fly is the most pestiferous animal in South Africa. There were very few Rogaine Cost cases of snake bite among the men, but there were some wonderful snake stories. One species of snake, a Boer farmer informed me, was five feet long, and was so vindic- tive that it would Rogaine Hair Loss pursue a man on horseback for miles. I asked him whether, when it came to a hill, it rolled itself into the shape of a cart wheel and went spinning down the slopes. But he only put me down as an incredulous Britisher. Scorpions abounded in Natal, especially in Frere Camp, where we dug fifteen from beside two tents. But they are not as venomous as those you find in India or Egypt. The above are some of the ordinary animals Cheap Rogaine that one comes across in South Africa. One of the most serious questions during the war has been the supply of horses and transport animals. There have been, undoubtedly, as many animals of this class in the country as there have been soldiers. The Men Rogaine wastage of men has been great, but of horses in particular it has been enormous. Each of the cavalry regiments have been remounted at least four times. That means that they alone have used some 30,000 horses. If you add to this the consumption by mounted in- fantry and colonial corps, the total number of horses used dur- ing the war reaches an enormous figure. The average price of a l82 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April horse to Government, taken Order Rogaine in all the different classes, comes to about £25, The cavalry were mounted Generic Rogaine on English, American, Hungarian, and ** Walers** chiefly, the Argentines and Cape ponies being generally kept for the mounted infantry. The majority of the English horses were very unsound. The Americans were sounder, but were all legs. The Hungarians want stamina. The Walers were not of the same class as the Indian remounts, and like the Americans were scarcely broken. The first consignment of Argen- tines was good, but the quality of later drafts fell off. They require a lot of driving, and they won't lead. The ponies varied, but taking them all round they were preferable to Rogaine Woman the horses. The vast majority of men agree that out there they would rather ride a pony. A pony does himself better on scanty rations, does not require so much looking after, is more comfortable to ride, being more sure-footed, and is easier to get off and on. Of the 5,000 •cavalry horses that I myself saw in the Orange River Colony, in five months it was an exception to see one trot sound. The -cavalry soldiers have been blamed as being bad horse-masters, and people are inclined to attribute the wastage of horses to this •cause. The following are the facts, however. Horses arrived at the coast ; they were at once put in a train, in many cases straight off the ship, and sent up direct, say, to Bloemfontein — often further. It may have taken them three days to get there. The watering and feeding en rouU was doubtful. On arrival, they were taken to a remount depdt, and probably were issued out to a regiment the Rogaine Use following day. In many cases they were saddled and marched off twenty miles within a few hours. Many had never even been saddled before, and there was no time to fit saddles. A large percentage broke down at once. They were so soft that even when saddles had been fitted they fell